Mummy's Mask

Don't lose your head

8 Pharast, 4715 – Day 3: House of Pentheru: 1100

The party collects the chest they found in the master bedroom and descend back down to the ground floor. Departing the house out the side door they find themselves back into courtyard on the opposite side of the house they entered from. In what was once a large plush garden, The Scarabs find an entrance to a mausoleum and a large empty tiled pool in a courtyard that is nothing more than the graveyard for the dried husk of trees and plant life that has obviously been neglected for centuries. Deciding to bypass the mausoleum for the time being, they elect to head for the entry gate and head back to the Grand Mausoleum in order to find a cure for Elsin’s current state. As they begin cutting through the courtyard they draw the attention of a large centipede who attacks the group.

The group launches into a furious attack on the huge vermin with everyone hitting the beast. Farek rushes forward and smashes the creature with his hammer while Xenya uses her elemental fury ability with her fists to beat the side of the beast. Janisa and Elsin both use the archer-focused spells to aide their attacks and the combination is nearly fatal to the centipede but it lashes out and bites Farek delivering a deadly bite which injects him with yet more poison, but he manages to shake it off and continue the attack but he nearly succumbs to his wounds. The centipede attempts to smack Xenya with its tail but the agile monk is able to dodge the feeble attack. With a burst of inspiration Elsin finishes off the huge creature before it has a chance to deliver another blow to Farek who is quite weak from blood loss. With the threat ended Farek casts cure light wounds and Janisa gives the priest her cure light potion to bolster his strength. Before the party departs again, Elsin collects the centipede’s poison glands with plans to drain them and craft a poison for sale or use.

The party recollects the locked chest from inside the house and set out for the town once more. The party makes their way back through the Necropolis without any further incidents, passing by a couple other dig sites. The group makes it back to the Tooth and Hookah just afternoon and Elsin is now almost completely bald. They secure all their loot from the site except for the portrait of Ariseti which they bring with them as they head to The Grand Mausoleum.

They get to the Mausoleum and like most days it is busy with worshippers. Eventually they are met by a minor low-level official who tries to convince the party to leave. Elsin begins to complain about his skin itching and Xenya notices that His ears are starting to grow and it appears that some type of leathery tendrils are growing from his chin. Janisa uses the moment to intimidate the man in going to fetch a cleric “before this man’s abominable transformation is complete, because if his curse claims him, I will make sure you become his first victim.” The man scurries off to find a senior cleric.

Finally after what seems like an eternity, an older cleric arrives and after one look at Elsin, immediately understands the importance of the situation. He says that Elsin is not suffering from a curse but rather a unique magical disease. He asks the party if Elsin was a victim of a vargouille’s kiss and they state they are not sure. When he describes a vargouille, they confirm that he indeed was a victim of such an attack. He summons the group to follow him and leads them deeper into the Mausoleum where he eventually brings them into the presence of Sebti the Crocodile. She recognizes the group from the ceremony and the chance meeting from the day before. When the priest explains the predicament, she agrees to help the group and casts remove disease on Elsin. He is cured instantly but it will take a few minutes before the symptoms of the enlarged ears and tendrils on his chin vanish completely. As for his hair, Sebti explains that it will have to regrow naturally on its own. The Jeweled Scarabs give Sebti the portrait of Ariseti that they found in the house earlier in the morning and give a report on their findings, accounting for all the creatures they encountered and killed.

By early afternoon, the group is back at the Tooth and Hookah and are met by Hatoom who discusses the groups findings. The first thing the group does is explore the locked chest from the master bedroom. Elsin checks the switch on the bottom again but is still unable to operate it properly. Hatoom asks if they want him to bring in a specialist and Elsin agrees to the suggestion, but before anything can be acted upon, Farek tests the key they found and discovers that it does fit and open the lock. With the lock opened everyone decides to go ahead and open the lid with Farek hiding behind his shield as Xenya pulls open the lid from behind. There is a distinctive “tink” sound as a poison dart strikes Farek’s shield. With the chest open, everyone examines the gold ingots found inside. Hatoom recognizes the seal as that of the Keleshite Sultan during the time of the Plague of Madness. After examining all the recovered items, Hatoom gives the group 1450gp for those things he claims and tells them that if they can return the desk, then he will give them full value for it. He departs to leave them to make plans.



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