Mummy's Mask

Once More into the Breech

8 Pharast, 4715 – Day 3: Wati: Necropolis

As before, the Jeweled Scarabs arrive at the gates to the Necropolis before they are opened for the day. Following the instructions and map given to them by the Priests of Pharasma, the group makes their way through the Necropolis until they are outside the wind-blasted outer walls of the Pentheru complex. A ten-foot tall sandstone wall surrounds what used to be an elegant private estate. Over the wall a two-story stone house is visible beyond the wall adjoining to the outer wall on the north side of the property. In the center of the southern wall two regal but worn statues flank a pair of tarnished bronze gates which hang partially open, the aged friction of metal on metal creates an almost otherworldly creaking noise as the wind causes one of the gates to swing back and forth. Janisa reads the ancient hieroglyphs carved onto a plague beside the gate, “The House of Pentheru.”

Elsin eases the gate open and peers into what appears as a main entrance courtyard as a small flight of step across from the gate lead up to a double door. Stepping through the gate Elsin and Farek suddenly stop and look back outside as they hear the sounds of a large mob approaching from outside. It sounds as if someone inside the house screams out to secure the gates. As Elsin and Farek instinctively try to push the gate closed, a wave of cause fear sweeps over them all causing Xenya to flee toward another set of gates on the far side of the courtyard.

Her compatriots give chase to try and calm her down, but by fleeing into a side courtyard, Xenya has aroused all creatures within the area to attack the destroyers of their quiet solitude, i.e. the Jeweled Scarabs. While attempting to hide in a dilapidated side barn, Xenya is attacked by three skeletons. Her race through the compound draws a death dog out from the shadows of a rotted and worn outer side building. Already agitated by the flurry of activities, a giant asp attacks the closest target; the death dog. Elsin and Farek, cut off from the girls by the horse-sized death dog decide to engage it and the snake in order to clear a path. Although still under the influence of the Fear effect, Xenya easily discards two of the skeletons with a flurry of blows and while Janisa is dealing with the third, she escapes the barn to another extension of the house, drawing the attention of a giant solifugid.

Janisa clears the barn of the last skeleton and searches for Xenya to comfort her when she hears her cry out from the spider attack. Racing to her side she finds the spider has latched on to her arm with its claws and is rending her much like the ones in the crypt did with Farek. She quickly swats it aside with her scimitar as Xenya is trying to punch it away with her fists. While this is taking place, the boys have finished off the big double-headed dog but are now faced with dealing with a large hooded cobra. Having taken a considerable amount of damage, Xenya vacates the building and helps the men kill off the poisonous snake as Janisa finishes off the spider. With the menaces in the courtyard dealt with, the group has time to evaluate what happened and investigate the courtyard buildings.

With the fighting and confusion over for the moment Xenya use her potion to cure her wounds. Searching the courtyard well turns up nothing as does the two back corner buildings but the out building where the death dog came from turns up small minor pieces of treasure. The group opens the door to what appears to be a granary and unleash a scarab swarm which swarms over Elsin The group again jumps into action in order to stop the menace but this turns out to be a struggle as they have a hard time hitting the fleet creatures who next go after Xenya. Elsin depletes his acid reserves and Janisa attempts color spray with no effect. Finally, Farek is able to connect with a solid blow from his hammer which causes the vermin to scatter and flee the immediate area. With the scarabs gone, the Jeweled Scarabs investigate the granary and find a few corpses which appear to be much fresher than those found in the Tomb they investigated earlier, along with a filthy adamantine flail which Farek claims.

After all the fighting and searching in the side courtyard is complete, the group discusses on whether to enter the house as there are three doors on this side of the house or complete a sweep of the exterior. Ultimately they decide to press on and enter the house.



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