Mummy's Mask

Returning to the Surface

Haven't we been here before?

6 Pharast, 4715 – Day 1: The Tomb of Akhentepi: 1300

With the discovery of Akhentepi’s final resting place, the Scarabs take a break to eat and gather up their treasures before they begin the trek back up to the surface. As they retrace their steps, they make sure to document the entire layout of the tomb complex and make notes of what all they found in each room. Rather than chance any other dangers in the false burial chamber, they use the secret passage to bypass that room.

The group arrives back at the room with the vertical shaft and find the rope they left in place is laying on the floor, the end obviously cut and tattered. The party builds a human pyramid so that Xenya can reach the lower edge of the shaft and once there she begins to scale the shaft with a rope secured around her waist. As she makes her way, she secures pitons in select cracks which proves useful as she slips twice but is able to catch hold of a piton. Eventually, she makes it up the shaft into the above ground entrance chamber. She quickly reconnects the ropes through the block and tackle and begins hauling up Elsin while Janisa and Farek stay below to gather the treasure chests they want to bring up.

While Farek and Janisa are below, Xenya and Elsin are attacked by a choker, but Xenya unleashes a furry of blows and quickly beats the creature to death. They quickly survey the upper rooms and makes sure everything is secure once more as they can hear in the distance the ringing of three bells marking the time of day as the afternoon. Finding the area clear they begin to haul up the treasures from below. After roughly an hour they have retrieved everything from their first days exploration.

As the Scarabs make their way back through the Necropolis, they encounter a group of explorers known as The Amethyst Dragons who are returning from their own site. As they move along through the Dead City they comment that they feel eyes upon them, but there are no other encounters as both groups make it back to the Tooth and Hookah. While many groups are in the tavern bragging of their finds and exploits, the Jeweled Scarabs stay in their suite upstairs and meet with Hatoom to describe all that they found. Hatoom explains to the group that he will arrange to have the chariot extracted by another group and they should seek another assignment from the Mausoleum. All of the historical documents and books discovered are to be turned in to the Mausoleum. He gives the PCs 1000gp for all the jewelry, gems and art artifacts.

7 Pharast, 4715 – Day 2: Wati: Midwife

The next morning the Scarabs report to the Grand Mausoleum and there are a few other groups which, like them, are looking for new assignments. The Priest’s take’s the groups chip and add it once more to the selection urn along with the others seeking assignments. While the group waits for the appointed hour for the new draft, they report their findings at the Tomb of Akhentepi and turn over the discovered documents along with their annotated map. In exchange for turning over the discovered documents, the church agrees to conduct free healing of the Scarab’s wounds and gives them each one extra cure light wounds potion. They also give Farek full value for returning the lost holy symbol of Pharasma. This gesture gets the party a personal thank you from Sebti the Crocodile.

At the appointed hour (1200) the Mausoleum conducts another draft for those seeking new assignments. Elsin notes that there are only about half the number of teams present as were at the first draft. One of the other group’s, The Flickering Four, mentions that those “loudmouthed Nethys worshippers aren’t here.” making reference to the Scorched Hand. This time the Jeweled Scarabs are the fifth group selected and is given the assignment of the House of Pentheru.

The group spends the rest of the day doing research at the Mausoleum any records about the site or information about the former residents. They also replenish supplies and sell off items not needed. In the course of their research the group finds a reference to a Pentheru the Elder who was a minor noble who was responsible for a large track of farmland and managing the workers and distributing the grain produced for the city. He began construction of the house, but at some point the Elder passed away of an undisclosed cause. His son, Pentheru the Younger took over the family leadership position within the city and completed the house. He governed the farm and house until he died in the Plague of Madness.

The Jeweled Scarabs get back to the Tooth and Hookah and like the night before, the common room is full of adventuring groups sharing tales of their exploits. Elsin befriends a female alchemist from a group called the Sand Scorpions who goes by the name Black Kiss. Although she recognizes him as a beginner alchemist, she does find his charm and wit somewhat appealing as he shares the story of the incessant ghoul attacks during their troubled exploration. Both Xenya and Farek commiserate with a group called the Dog Soldiers, who are recuperating over the loss of several of their war dogs. Janisa tries to engage with the Scorched Hand but is put off by the almost endless whining and complaining from their leader, Velriana Hypaxes about how unfair it is that they can not be assigned the Sanctum. When Janisa asks why it is so important to them. She gets rebuffed by the woman, “Although you may wield magic, If you were truly seeing through the Eye, you would not need to ask such a question.” Leaving the group to sulk, she winds up the evening swapping tales with the Daughters of the Desert.

The Jeweled Scarabs retire to their suite sometime around 9 o’ clock (2100) to be well rested for the adventures to come the next day.



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