Osirion1 (pronounced oh-SEER-ee-on)2 is not only one of the oldest human nations currently in existence in the Inner Sea region, but has been one of the most powerful and influential since Earthfall. Historians use the the founding of Osirion in -3470 AR as the marker for the beginning of the Age of Destiny which elevated humankind out of the barbarism and chaos during the Age of Anguish.3 Azghaad, a follower of Nethys was able to unite the warring tribes along the Sphinx River and became the first pharaoh, a tradition of rulership that has continued (with long interruptions) to the present day. Under the rule of successive God-Kings the land prospered and expanded, at its height ruling much of northern Garund,4 including lands that are ruled today by the countries of Geb, Katapesh, Nex, Thuvia, and Rahadoum. Osiriontologists often refer to the nation during its roughly 5,000 year span of pharaonic rule between its founding and the Keleshite takeover in 1532 AR as Ancient Osirion.5





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